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Strange Search Terms

In an idle moment this weekend I was browsing through my blog stats at when my attention was caught by the search terms log which tell you the words people typed into their search engine to┬áreach your site. Among … Continue reading

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You’ve lost that blogging habit, Woa-oh woa…

Having suffered a Shez-like dip in the old blogging habit I now have to sort myself out. So today I am committing myself to blog more often! Dib-dib. Benny Hill type salute (tongue out side of mouth, milk bottle bottom … Continue reading

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Having been "memed" by Bruce I had to look up what this was. According to the International Roiter Doister himself, it's "just geekspeak for 'Chain Letter' " – so your average load of old bollocks then. Here's his. But since, … Continue reading

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