The Land Before Time

I miss Littlefoot. Or rather, I miss my children.

That’s not to say my children aren’t around. They live here with me. We spend lots of time together. They’re just a little older, and ever more interesting. But I miss the eight and six year old them too. They are the kids that loved “The Land That Time Forgot” and saw the world with a beautiful innocence.

I was reflecting the other day, on how my parents miss me (and my other long distant siblings) and it made me realise how much I will miss my own kids when the time comes for them to leave. But I only just realised that I miss them already. So maybe we prepare ourselves for the final separation, by learning to cope with the loss of all their other ages, as we go along.

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4 Responses to The Land Before Time

  1. bruce says:

    You miss your kids?

    Learn to aim better, man.

  2. Glenn says:

    Good to see your unrivalled mastery of the double entendre is undiminished Bruce.

  3. shez says:

    Bollocks – you’ll pray for the day they leave home, you sentimental bastard…

  4. Hey. I love the land before time and I don’t see why they no longer do. You should really make them watch it again. I’m fifteen and I still love the land before time, its sequals, and it’s new tv series. Call me weird, but that’ me.

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