Strange Search Terms

In an idle moment this weekend I was browsing through my blog stats at when my attention was caught by the search terms log which tell you the words people typed into their search engine to reach your site. Among the regular weird stuff (even the most innocent searches come up with some bizarre strings of words), I found that someone had reached this site by using the search string “wales grand slam testicles cut off”.

My blog article to which this refers is fairly old, recalling as it does the Welsh rugby grand slam of 2005, and the alleged reaction of one slightly over-the-top fan. It’s certainly a strange story. But I am curious to know the circumstances in which someone would be sitting at their keyboard, typing in such a search string. I suppose the prosaic explanation would be “I had heard this story and wanted to check whether it was true”, but I really hope it was something less mundane.

So, if my visitor should return to this site to continue their research on this fascinating topic, please, leave a comment telling the full tale – in frighteningly vivid detail.  

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3 Responses to Strange Search Terms

  1. Peter N. says:

    I noticed the same “unusual” search term strings surfers used to find my wordpress blog when I browsed my logs. I guess it can be party explained by the way Google processes search strings: if eg contains some random search terms/words across separate blog posts (unrelated to eachother) , will show up on Google’s regular search results. Apparently Google (regular search) considers all blog items on a “tag/**” page to be related. Many surfers find this behaviour to be confusing.

  2. Glenn says:

    Thanks Peter. So my “visitor” might have been a ghost in the google machine. I’m not sure if the world is richer or poorer for the lack of the surfer interested in combining team sports and gonad amputation.

  3. Peter N. says:

    It can get much worse: try the appalling “Windows Live Search” from Microsoft by entering the search string ‘traffic list Antwerp” :

    My blog comes up at #1
    I don’t get their search logic, but they cross-linked “traffic jams”+”“beverages price list”+”Antwerp”

    Isn’t it great, “being #1, without any relevance to the search string? 🙂

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