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The Great Pacifier Mystery (5)

And the last episode. A chance to practice your French. Look out for the sheep. Priceless. Back to the first Advertisements

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Schoolyard Penis Seen From Space

Couldn’t resist posting this headline. Two 11 year old pupils who drew a giant penis on a school lawn using weed killer two years ago can still admire their work from satellite photos now posted on the internet. Now that’s … Continue reading

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The Great Pacifier Mystery (4)

Is it art? Previous episode | Next episode

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It All Comes Down to Sex

Although I’m a card carrying atheist, I still feel the need to continue searching for enlightenment.  As someone brought up in “the Truth” (as Jehovah’s Witnesses call it) I get the occassional caller at the door. They generally seem not just reasonable … Continue reading

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The Great Pacifier Mystery (3)

Ted looks to the renaissance science of perspective for an answer. Previous episode | Next episode

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Strange Search Terms

In an idle moment this weekend I was browsing through my blog stats at when my attention was caught by the search terms log which tell you the words people typed into their search engine to reach your site. Among … Continue reading

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The Giant Pacifier Mystery (2)

For all those crazy to find the next episode of Ted’s inquiry, and unable to negotiate a youtube search (you know who you are), here it is. Previous episode | Next episode

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The Giant Pacifier Mystery

With elections approaching, there’s much debate about immigration and integration here in Belgium. Whether it’s poor (African, Turkish) immigrants or rich (western) expats, the Flemish nationalist Vlaams Belang party don’t like us foreigners much. But here’s a cool example of the fusion of the … Continue reading

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Belgian Seaside

I love the seaside but in the 12 years living here I’d only been to the Belgian coast on a couple of day trips. I didn’t know what I’d been missing until we went for a week – in February. … Continue reading

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My First Gig

Despite the advancing years, my memory remains excellently “fit-for-purpose”, as any number of public figures currently seem unable to avoid saying. The purpose being… to rewrite my past in a way which fits my current needs. Prompted by Bruce Lawson’s … Continue reading

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