European Champions

Yes – we are champions of Europe. Our production of "The Real Lady Macbeth" won first prize at FEATS 2006 in Luxembourg this weekend.  Read more

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4 Responses to European Champions

  1. bruce says:

    Woooh! Congrats! Got the DVD for me to see on our next visit to each other?


  2. Glenn says:

    Ah… the honourable company of copyright lawyers forbids such naughtiness. But I am uploading production photos to The Real Lady Macbeth blog (link in post above) and hopefully copies of the adjudicators notes to follow in good time.

    Maybe you could get to see it live. An interesting experience for one who I seem to remeber directed the piece somewhere around 1993ish in Stafford.

    As FEATS winners we have a good chance of being invited to the UK All Winners Festival in the charming olde English town of Woking, Surrey, in the last week of July (buggering up holiday plans in the process).

  3. Glenn says:

    And it looks like we might be performing at the Actors' Church, St Paul's Covent Garden around the same time too. Details to follow on The Real Lady Macbeth blog

  4. shez says:

    I see you are running out of blogging steam Glenn – no news since June? Good to see you and Lynne recently however!

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