Cheap as Chips?

Oh dear. First it was beer price rises, now a poor potato harvest sends the price of chips soaring. What greater calamity can afflict the Belgian working man? I suppose they’ll be putting up the price of fags next. Oh. Right.

This year’s potato harvest is set to be 10-15% below normal. Potato crops will be smaller and fewer according to Marc Goeminne of Belgium’s Experimental Centre for Potato Growing. The “Bintje” variety, principally used in the production of the great Belgian “frite” has been particularly badly affected. The result – rises in the price of chips of course.

I’ve no doubt the demonstrators will be out for this one. Frites are a central and iconic part of Belgian life! They must be protecteted under the “cultural exception”. It’s what makes the nation great! And while we’re at it, what about cheap fags too…

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